Supporting Independent Quilt Related Businesses

I’ve heard some people asking/pondering why they should donate money to small businesses to expand and I have an easy explanation for you. We are a fairly small and specialized community, much like small towns once were. And in those small towns, there were barn raising, where the community joined together to help a neighbor continue on their path to supporting themselves.

Today’s online crowd funding (indiegogo, gofundme, etc) is a way to help small business people move forward on that path, without putting them in to a large financial debt – without having to owe a bank an obscene amount of interest during the formative months and years of their business expansion.
It also helps us preserve those businesses and products that we have come to love because of their quality and the people that stand behind that product – we don’t want to lose them! A lot of us will spend $5 on a fancy coffee drink, if just 6,000 of the 21.3 MILLION active quilters gave $5, Cherrywood could easily meet their goal. And we can continue to have a FEMALE owned and independent, quality fabric source.

So please, support these causes when you can, $5 to $10 can mean so much more to small business owners than you realize! (And no, I do not work for Cherrywood.) 🙂
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Cherrywood Fabric’s Indiegogo

2 thoughts on “Supporting Independent Quilt Related Businesses

  1. You’re so right about how little it would take to help business out if we all contributed. It’s also worth noting that many small businesses don’t have access to traditional methods of funding in this economy – or at least that’s been the experience of my friends over the past… well, almost a decade now.


    • Thanks for commenting Jolly and Delilah! You’re very right about the difficulties in getting funding being impossible for many small businesses. That’s why I try to help when I can for companies I believe in!

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