2016 Retro Tea Towel Calendar

It’s Thursday and that means the start of a new Spoonflower contest. I had so much fun this time, as the theme was to create a tea towel calendar for 2016. I remember my family often had a tea towel calendar for drying dishes when I was little. Perhaps that nostalgia is why I went with a retro theme for my design.

stephanieforsythteatowelI also created some coordinates to go with my piece, so be sure and click on my designer name “indiequilter” and head into my Retro Kitchen collection and check those out too.

testbig1 rretroscrollbig.pdf_previewmushroomretro

How to vote:

If you would like to vote in the contest this week, head over to the Spoonflower Contest Page and click on “Vote for Your Favorites”. You don’t need to register, or give them any information to vote. The entries are shown randomly for each voter, so I can not provide you a specific link to my piece, and additionally you can vote for as many pieces as you want that you find you just LOVE! Voting ends October 22nd, 2015. If you’re looking for my entry on the page, the title is “Retro Tea Towel Calendar” and my username is “indiequilter”.  Make sure you click the check mark on the ones you like to vote! (The heart at the bottom of the images is to “like” the design – which you can do if you’re a member and want to find that design again!)

Hope you take a moment with a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy all the fabulous entries! As a note: the top ten designs will be packaged and sold as fat quarters! I think I am going to have to order this one for sure! To see my collection for the Retro Kitchen Ensemble click here.

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