Sometimes it’s the little things in life, like a freshly wound ball of yarn to knit yourself a hat.

It’s a busy season! I spent the morning trying to clean up the studio for my small group to meet. (It’ll have to do guys, sorry!) Then the afternoon was spent wrapping presents and listening to Christmas music.

Tonight, I need to clean the kitchen. But first, a bit of knitting myself a new hat!

What small things bring you joy?

2 thoughts on “Sometimes….

  1. I’m not sure about “joy,” but walking with my husband is good fuel. When we go for a short walk it’s about 2 miles. Long walks are 3 or more. Hardly matters what the weather is — when I come back I feel better than when we left. Um, I love having time to clean my studio. It feels great to have things put where they belong. I tend to do that cleaning between projects, so there also is a sense of completion and anticipation with it. Having enough LIGHT to work is a big thing I appreciate a lot. Eating, that’s a good thing. 🙂


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