Ready for a New Year

I’m currently sitting in a waiting room at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, MN. My mom is having surgery this morning, hopefully minor to fix a kidney draining issue. It meant getting up at 3am to drive through the current snowstorm, to be sure we were here on time. We arrive an hour early – better than late, right? My family has had a rough couple of years healthwise. I’m seriously hopet hat 2016 shows a turn around towards better health and less hospital stays and operations!

It’s the end of the year, and that means posts about resolutions, etc. For the last few years, I have gravitated towards choosing a word for the new year. This year, I think I am going with two words.

Learn and Focus

Learning: I have several classes I will be taking from Lilla Rogers this spring. I also signed up for double drawing classes for the winter 1 session at the local community centers, and then a single class for session 2.

Focus: I need to start focusing on my art, and my quilting more again. As I said, it’s been a rough couple years, and rough means not having much energy or drive for creation for me. 

I have a trip to Arizona in about a week, after that things will quickly shift in to overdrive as my classes begin. I am already beginning to feel the effects of seasonal affective disorder, so I am even more grateful that I chose to double up on my drawing classes. It will get me out of the house and around other people two days a week. (My family will likely be incredibly relieved!) 

What are your goals and plans for the New Year?

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