I’ve Been Interviewed (and a new project!)

I was interviewed by Eric the Quilter on Sexism in Quilting – The Conversation Worth Having. Eric asked some great questions, which gives me hope that in fact there ARE some people that get this!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a feminist to the core, and am also fascinated with the sociology that makes up the gender issues we deal with in day to day life. Sexism is pervasive in our culture, which means there is virtually no way that it ISN’T in our quilting industry. Sexism is an institutionalized practice of bullying. But it’s so ingrained, that in many ways, we women have just learned to adapt and work within the constraints we’ve been born into.

I really loved chatting with Eric and would love to do so again, on a wide variety of topics. I suspect though, that this article might bring to the forefront a lot of stories of women who have faced sexism in our industry. I for one, am looking forward to an open dialog!

On a quilting note, I have begun a new quilt project this week, using a Cherrywood color pack (Robin’s Egg), and I am extremely excited about this one! (Have I mentioned I am in LOVE with their fabrics? Mmmmmm!)

FullSizeRenderScreen Shot 2017-05-25 at 12.35.16 PM

I finally utilized my Accuquilt Go and cut the bundle up into as many 4″ HST pieces as possible (FYI, 24 of each color!). I did this without having the plan for the quilt yet worked out on paper, but I saw it in my head. Fortunately the numbers worked out for a perfect rectangle! It will be a 48″ x 64″ quilt unless borders are added. (Which at this point I don’t intend on adding.)

I need to press the HSTs open, and then start the piecing. (UGH!) I wish I could snap my fingers, and have the top be done so I could start the quilting process. The quilting part is where my heart really is!

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