Straight Line Quilting on George


One of the “must haves” for a George APQS is the hopping foot attachments set. It runs around $200 and offers three hopping, thread snips, extra screws and the tool to change the foot out. These feet are functional for specific needs when you’re quilting. Today, I will cover the high closed hopping foot (called the Platform) and and a long arm ruler to do straight line modern quilting!

You can also use the open to high hopping foot (called the Saddle Shoe).

Watch for future posts on the other varied uses for the different hopping feet!

Quilting Inspiration: Pencil cases

So, you’re tired of stippling and straight line quilting, and you want to come up with some new? Something more “you”? But where to start? This week, I will begin to show you how simple objects around your home can hold the inspiration for a new quilting motif design.

This week, I used my pencil case as a starting point for a new design.


Specifically we are going to focus in on the orange part there. I have put together a short video showing how I worked through the process! Watch as I move from sketching, all the way to sitting down at my APQS George machine to quilt! I hope you enjoy.

Some important things to remember.

  • There is a difference between using something as inspiration and completely copying it.
  • You may need to really look at a complicated design and break it down – possibly even getting more than one design idea from one inspiration
  • Inspiring imagery is all around you: the pattern on your couce, a tissue box, packaging for items, magazines, everywhere!

I would love to hear about where you have found quilting inspirations!