Quilting Inspiration: Pencil cases

So, you’re tired of stippling and straight line quilting, and you want to come up with some new? Something more “you”? But where to start? This week, I will begin to show you how simple objects around your home can hold the inspiration for a new quilting motif design.

This week, I used my pencil case as a starting point for a new design.


Specifically we are going to focus in on the orange part there. I have put together a short video showing how I worked through the process! Watch as I move from sketching, all the way to sitting down at my APQS George machine to quilt! I hope you enjoy.

Some important things to remember.

  • There is a difference between using something as inspiration and completely copying it.
  • You may need to really look at a complicated design and break it down – possibly even getting more than one design idea from one inspiration
  • Inspiring imagery is all around you: the pattern on your couce, a tissue box, packaging for items, magazines, everywhere!

I would love to hear about where you have found quilting inspirations!

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