10 Reasons I Love Quilting


  1. Fabric: Touching it, buying it, looking at it, designing it.
  2. The awesome I can meet at meeting, shows, in stores, online.
  3. I will stay warm and have a trade-skill in the zombie apocalypse.
  4. I get to buy from small shops (even if they are online shops), which helps THEIR dreams come true too!
  5. It’s a link to the past and I am content that I am carrying on quilting traditions that have spanned generations.
  6. Quilt shows! From the small local shows, to big shows, to Quilt Market itself!
  7. I have a perfect excuse to binge watch television when I have hand stitching on my bindings to do.
  8. The complete satisfaction from creating a perfect half square triangle.
  9. The trill of seeing my finished quilts!
  10. Did I mention fabrics??

What are YOUR favorite things about quilting? I’d love to hear about them.

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