Still Life ~ Keep Growing

As part of striving to keep growing as an artist, I sometimes take art classes. This spring, after being wait listed many times, I got in to a coveted drawing class. Today marked our third week. After spending most of the first three classes learning gesture drawings, we are starting our first long drawing from a still life. This is the scene that I chose to “compose”. I have intentions of using this scene to eventually turn it into a lovely scene of a cow taking a sip from a fancy fountain!

What sort of things do you do to keep growing as an artist?


One thought on “Still Life ~ Keep Growing

  1. Recently, after training for 1 1/2 years, I took on a new responsibility of being the lead artist in a large mosaic project – a new area of art for me. It continues to teach me color values, use of space and pleasing design. Good for a fiber artist.
    It’s been a pleasure working with other artists and appreciating their designs and suggestions for design. The end result will be a community effort.
    AND there’s a blog: Check it out.


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