Artist Date: Como Zoo and Conservatory

I feel lighter! No, I haven’t lost weight. This past weekend we held a garage sale. What didn’t sell we packed up and donated Sunday. I feel lighter because there is less “stuff” in our house. Sure, we have more to get rid of, but wow it feels good!

Part of the weekend extended in to today. I drove to my old stomping grounds in Roseville to give some magazines to a quilt-mate who purchased them. I made the impromptu decision while over there to take myself on an artist’s date at the Como Zoo and conservatory, to sketch.

Most of the animals were either still away until it’s warmer, or were in their inside “enclosures”. It made me sad to see them in there so after a quick run through, I headed to the conservatory. As I walked in, I was immediately (pleasantly) hit with the aroma of the giant lilies in the main entry. The smell was amazing.

I didn’t do a lot of sketching while I was there, I still feel conscious. Of course, every time I tried to do a quick sketch, one of the gazillion kiddos running around would notice of course and want to know what I was drawing. I smiled and would say, “I’m trying to draw that tree.” or “that gorilla” or, “that plant”. They would look at my beginning gesture drawing completely unimpressed and bounce away.

So for now, I will use the images I captured on my phone to draw from, at home, where only my cats are here to judge me and lay on my drawing pad.

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