Making the World a Better Place: It Starts with the Arts

There is no use denying it’s been a stressful week, and that things don’t seem to be getting much less tense in the near future. As a white American woman, I don’t have a lot to fear I suppose, for myself anyways. But what about my friends of color, my out LGBTQ friends? They aren’t feeling very safe these days, and that hurts my heart.

I have decided to raise money for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in an effort to help them defend American’s civil liberties by defending the Bill of Rights.

My personal take on this, was to put my love and extreme disappointment in many of the hateful message coming out from this whole ordeal, and creating a paper piece pattern, to represent ALL the strong women out there, fighting every day to break down glass ceilings. I am selling both the PDF downloadable pattern, as well as an option for custom made finished quilted wallhangings in either a red, blue, or white pantsuit.


I am donating 75% of the total monies earned from these items will be donated directly to the national ACLU organization. I opted for national, versus local, as I know there are areas of the country that may be in far greater need for them than where I am in Minnesota. I will leave it up to the ACLU to use that money where it is most needed at this moment in time.

Please consider purchasing one of the items, to help the American people stay on course in regard to civil liberties. We need to hold fast to the ground we have gained, and dig our heels in to resist being pushed back in time. These are the two items I am listing, and donating the 75% from! I hope you’ll pop in and consider helping me to help others!


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