Wear and care…the Lost Art of Mending (aka I’m not giving up and neither should you)

I admit it. I am a sucker for a big, puffy, store bought comforter from places like Target. I’m especially partial to the Shabby Chic line.

I purchased this one a few years ago, when I knew I was going to be having foot surgery and would be sleeping on a queen bed in our living room for a couple months.

It suffered a rip in one of the blocks. And it occurs to me, that there are a huge number of people today, that would likely throw this comforter in the trash, rather than mend it.
There is so much more to this than just a blanket. It’s been rough here in the US ever since our election. We feel broken. Divided. Torn apart. Scared. Stressed.

Fractures and rips that have always been in our nation’s fabric, have been dragged into the light. Our minority populations have never been treated or felt quite equal. Women have never been fully equal either.

Right now, there are white supremecists in the nation, who are so emboldened that they are painting swastikas on building and parks. They are attacking minorities: blacks, Muslims, women, with seeming impunity. Our president elect won’t come out strongly against him; largely because he’s appointing their leaders to positions in our government.

But the US, to me, is a lot like this comforter. There is still more good in it, still so much it has to over. It’s our job now, to again invoke our abilities to mend and repair our nation. We need to speak up and out. Fight against those in our country that wish to keep tearing at the fabric of our goodness.

We can’t just give up on all of the progress that those who have walked before us fought so hard for. It’s time to pick up our tools and get to work.

I firmly believe that often times, change begins within the art community. So I implore you, create art that reaches out to your fellow citizens; whose hearts for the most part are usually good and kind. We must use our artist voices and call louder and longer than any hate mongering white supremacists.

I am saying let’s start a movement of love, kindness and progress:

“Healing: It Starts with the Arts!”

One thought on “Wear and care…the Lost Art of Mending (aka I’m not giving up and neither should you)

  1. Love your comforter and your sentiments. I know what it is like to live in a country with a strong racist streak and a divisive, right wing government. We have to stay strong and true to the best in our nations.


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